Deadlock :

screenshot of deadlock

Platforms : PC,Mac, Browser
Technology : Unity3D
Development : 7DFPS
Team : Adrien Pelov (Game and Level Designer), Fabien DiPardo (Graphic Designer), Antoine Guerchais (Programmer), Arnaud Noble (Sound Designer), Victor Parent (Sound Designer).
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Synopsis : FPS platformer realised during the 7 Days FPS.

Nowhere :

screenshot of nowhere

Platform : PC
Technology : Unity3D, FMOD
Development : Octobre 2009 à Mars 2010
Team : Beto DaSilva Bandeira (Programmer), Romain Bonnin (Game Designer), Mathias Chataigner (Usability Expert), Anthony Corre (Graphic Designer), Sylvain Eriksen (Manager), Antoine Guerchais (Programmer), Hoël Jacq (Graphiste), Florian Leroy (Usability Expert), Alice Lavedrine (Game Designer), Aymeric Schwartz (Son Designer).

Synopsis : Nowhere is an ARG (Alternate Reality Game). The game take place in two parts, one on PC and the other in real life with an iPhone. On PC, the nowhere engine permit you to explore Ada and Peter memories, a Sur PC, la machine Nowhere permet d'explorer les souvenirs d'Ada et de Peter, a twosome of architects who have mysterious un couple d'architecte qui a mysterieusement disparut et sur qui on vous a demander enquêter. Pour pouvoir revivre leurs souvenirs, vous devez être à deux. Enquêtez ensemble avec vos amis ou d'autres joueurs. Dans cette univers virtuelle vous êtes confrontés à des anamorphoses, des versions déformées de la réalité. Vous devrez trouver le bon point de vue afin de les rendre réel et permettre à votre compagnon d'avancer. En récompense vous recevrez des indices pour continuer l'enquête dans la vie réel. La phase sur iPhone est un jeu de piste qui prend place dans Paris. Utilisez votre iPhone pour prendre en photo des lieux de Paris qui vous sont indiqués dans la phase PC. Plus il y a de gens à faire cette phase, plus l'histoire avance !

Kirimurê :

screenshot of kirimurê

Platform : PC
Technology : C++, Ogre3D, OgreMax, FMOD, PhysX
Development : Internship 5 juilly au 11 september 2009
Team : Beto DaSilva Bandeira (Programmer), Julien Barbe (Usability Expert) Anthony Corre (Graphic Designer), Fabien DiPardo (Graphic Designer), Mélanie Ginibre (Usability Expert), Antoine Guerchais (Programmer), Hoël Jacq (Graphic Designer), Victor Parent (Sound Designer), Adrien Pelov (Game Designer) and Indigente Team

Puddle :

screenshot of puddle

Game Design Prize at E-Magiciens 2009
Platforms : XBOX360 and PC
Technology : C#, HLSL, XNA, XACT, Farseer, WinForm
Development : March - June 2009
Website :
Team : Rémi Gillig (Programmer), Antoine Guerchais (Programmer), Hoël Jacq (Graphic Designer), Pierre Lemasson (Graphic Designer), Victor Parent (Sound Designer), Martial Potron (Manager and Level Designer)

Synopsis : Puddle is a platform game taking place everywhere in our world, coming from a human body to a space shuttle. In Puddle, the avatar is represented by a large amount of liquid particles, flowing from a part of a level to the other. The player isn't allowed to act directly on the avatar, he is only able to tilt the level to the right or the left. Liquid properties and level design are always different, rejuvenating the fun at each level for the player. The slowness of the tilt and the lack of friction on the liquid require the player to anticipate the dangers. The player doesn't have to bring his entire puddle to the goal, but only to keep as much as he can, dodging fire, rifts, and other dangers.

Lemmus Sonus :

screenshot of lemmus sonus

Plateform : PC
Technology : C#, XNA, FMOD
Development : Janvier - Juin 2009
Website :
Download : LemmusSonus 1.2
Team : Anthony Corre (Graphic Designer), Fabien DiPardo (Graphic Designer), Antoine Guerchais (Programmer), Florian Leroy (Usability Expert), Kévin Poupard (Game Designer), Aymeric Schwatrz (Sound Designer)

Synopsis: Lemmus Sonus is an action/strategy game where the player is supposed to perform massive murder. The creatures who get killed are called the lemmus and they appear to be useless and stupid.In order to exterminate them the player uses tools called blazes. These blazes belong to two types: attractive and repulsive.
The attractive ones "attract" the lemmus. This way the player can set them all over the level so the lemmus get attract and fall into a trap. On the other hand, the repulsive blazes help to "repulse" the lemmus. The way to use it is the same as the attractive blazes and the player can use them to block several ways or push lemmus into a trap.
The main purpose of the game is just to achieve the best massive murder ever and obtain the highest score. Despite the violence of the comments, Lemmus Sonus does not belong to the gore genre. There is no blood, no real violence. Besides, the smooth and colourful graphics, joined to the contemplative and generative music, create a contrast with the speech.

The Reflecting Fool :

screenshot of the reflecting fool

Plateforms : PC, Mac
Technology : Flash, ActionScript 2.0
Development : Global Game Jam 2009
Download :
Team : Antoine Guerchais (Programmer), Hoël Jacq (Graphic Designer and Game Designer), Pierre Lemasson (Graphic Designer), Arno Noble (Sound Designer), Adrien Pelov (Level Designer)

Synopsis : A drunk dude must find his way back home in a strange and shabby city. During his journey, he starts walking in a curious street where there is a giant mirror reflecting him : the weird thing is his reflect doesn't move in the same reality, nor the same space,. But he's sure of one thing : if he wants to preserve himself from danger, he will to preserve his reflect too...
The Reflection Fool is a puzzle game where the player have to take in account the movements of his avatar and the reflect, the two moving along a symmetrical plane and facing different disposition of obstacles, creating a disturbating experience based on spatial representation.

Vendome nights ("Les chroniques de la poule d'or") :

screenshot of Vandom's Night

Plateform : PC
Technology : Gamemaker
Development : November 2008
Download : VendomeNights
Team : Stephan Froment (Manager), Antoine Guerchais (Programmer), Pierre Hornez (Game Designer and Programmer), Florian Leroy (Usability Expert), Kévin Poupard (Game Designer), Erwan Thepault (Graphic Designer)

Synopsis : A thief. An attendant. Many important museum items...
As a thief, you simply have to steal them. As an attendant, you have to stop and catch intruders.

Alice en Pièce :

screenshot of Alice en pièces

Plateform : PC
Technology : C++, Lua, CryEngineSDK
Development : Septembre 2007 - Mai 2008
Website :
IFSIC team : Mathieu Caron, Sammy Colin, Jalil El Haiti Rodriguez, Antoine Guerchais, Loig Jezequel, Anthony Lecuyer, Gaël Merlin, Valentin Quiblier, Thibault Rouat, Maxime Vignon